Horse care

  • Ball solution

    € 25,00 excl. (€ 30,25 incl.)

    Ball Solution is a product known in the equestrian sport for over 60 years. The product is used for the relief of muscle pain, cracked heels, bowed tendons and swollen knees due to overexertion.

  • Hot lotion

    € 12,00 excl. (€ 14,52 incl.)

    Blue Hot Lotion is a unique lotion to enhance the warming of the muscles and tendons. The Hot Lotion is for external use. Usage: Shake the bottle well before using it. Massage the desired places in order to obtain a warming effect.

  • Reducine

    € 32,00 excl. (€ 38,72 incl.)

    Reducine relieves stiffness or pain caused by daily exercise and training. The product contains among others iodine which helps prevent inflammation, stimulates circulation and speeds up the healing process after an injury. Reducine reduces swelling and pain during recovery.

  • Hoof grease green 5 kg

    € 35,00 excl. (€ 42,35 incl.)

    Regular use of Hoof Grease Green will help to prevent brittle hooves. The hoof grease will encourage healthy growth and improves the appearance of the hoof.

  • Glycerine bar soap 250 gr

    € 6,00 excl. (€ 7,26 incl.)

    Glycerine soap softens, cleans and protects your leatherwork.

  • Glycerine spray soap 500 ml

    € 12,00 excl. (€ 14,52 incl.)

    The glycerine spray cleanses and softens the leather. The spray removes embedded dirt and ensures a lasting shine.

  • Leather grease 0.5 kg

    € 5,00 excl. (€ 6,05 incl.)

    Best treatment for smoother and softer leather. The grease also feeds the leather.

  • Harlem oil 250ml with pump

    € 32,00 excl. (€ 33,92 incl.)

    Haarlem oil provides the treatment and prevention of disease. It stimulates the liver and bile functions and acts against stones. Haarlem oil improves the urinary tract and prevent respiratory infections and bowel. It helps in quick recovery of the horse after intense exercise.

  • Sponge

    € 2,00 excl. (€ 2,42 incl.)