Leg protection - Hind boots

  • Full hock boots protecto

    € 115,00 excl. (€ 139,15 incl.)

    These 503R Full Hock boots by Protecto are worn to protect the hind leg. They protect the area from the ankle up to the hock and the speedycut protects the area between the ankle an the hoof. It's the best trotting boot you can have.

  • High trotting boots racing tack

    € 60,00 excl. (€ 72,60 incl.)

    These high trotting boots from Racing Tack are designed for horses that need protection in areas higher than the shin. They offer full protection on the rear leg as well as the area between the ankle and the hoof. These boots are only available in one size and have a buckle closure.

  • High boots without scalp rt

    € 59,00 excl. (€ 71,39 incl.)

  • High boots horflex

    € 67,00 excl. (€ 81,07 incl.)

  • Medium trotting boots racing tack

    € 57,00 excl. (€ 68,97 incl.)

  • Fetlock boots racing tack

    € 29,00 excl. (€ 35,09 incl.)

  • High boots with protector

    € 136,00 excl. (€ 164,56 incl.)

    The 503H hind boots from Protecto will prevent your trotter to clip the area between the fetlock and the hoof of the hind legs. This 503H Protecto boot is the best in his kind and will last and last.

  • High boots with protector rt

    € 107,00 excl. (€ 129,47 incl.)

  • Boots horflex - medium

    € 63,00 excl. (€ 76,23 incl.)