1. The carriage of the goods, even free of port, takes place for the account and under the responsibility of the buyer.
  2. Complaints must be made in writing and by registered letter within fifteen days of delivery. After this time, it will no longer be taken into account.
  3. Delivery times are for information purposes only; any delays due to technical reasons, shortcomings on the part of our suppliers, force majeure or accident, can in no case give rise to termination or termination of the contract to our faults. In the cases mentioned above, there will be a new delivery period for the benefit of the seller; this time must be equal to at least the duration of the period originally scheduled for delivery.
  4. The contracts by which the delivery will be made at the request of the buyer, by which he himself delivers to the seller, maintain for a maximum of the contractually agreed selling price. If necessary, and for such contracts, the seller may provide a delivery period of one month.
    When, one year after the conclusion of the contract, the contract is not executed, the contractually agreed price will be adjusted automatically and without any notice, at the current price.
    In any case, the contract must be executed within one year of its date; after this period, the buyer will be deemed to have remained unilaterally in default of fulfilling obligations; an action for the resolution of the agreement will be brought against him. (See article 11).
  5. If the buyer remains in default of respecting the obligations subscribed by him during the contract, the seller will be entitled to pursue the resolution of the agreement; the compensation that will be requested on this occasion is contractually fixed at 30% of the invoice price. The seller may also pursue the execution of the sales agreement with damages.
    The seller reserves the property of the goods until full payment. The risks are borne by the buyer. Down payments may be retained to cover potential losses on resale.
  7. For all different, are only competent courts of the judicial district of Kortrijk.
  8. Repairs performed outside the period of six months after the delivery date, fall out of warranty with respect to wages related thereto, and are borne by the purchasers.
  9. Invoices are payable in cash.
    By application of this clause - expressly accepted by the buyer at the conclusion of the contract - the unjustified failure to pay the due date due to negligence or ill will will be punished by the payment of right and after sending a formal notice by registered letter, the amount of the invoice plus a fixed compensation of 12% with a minimum of € 90 and a maximum € 1500.
  11. The buyer agrees to pay the same compensation if the goods ordered are removed and paid after formal notice.