• Racing whip walsh

    € 20,00 excl. (€ 24,20 incl.)

    This Walsh whip with rubber handle is 120 cm long.

  • Synthetic handholds walsh

    € 19,00 excl. (€ 22,99 incl.)

    The Walsh synthetic handholds have a leather like feel that is easy to clean. They are user-friendly and can easily be adjusted if necessary.

  • Pull down blinds with rope

    € 64,00 excl. (€ 77,44 incl.)

    The "Pull Down"-system allows the driver the flexibility to start a race with an open bridle and make the switch to a blind bridle during the race.

  • Stallion support

    € 52,00 excl. (€ 62,92 incl.)

    This Walsh stallion support is made with high quality stainless material, rubber tubes and a breathable net for comfort while on the track.

  • Handholds

    € 49,00 excl. (€ 59,29 incl.)

    These handholds from Walsh are handmade and with leather and stainless steel.

  • Ksb bridle leather

    € 325,00 excl. (€ 393,25 incl.)

    The KSB Bridle from Walsh is handcrafted with the finest bridle leather. The blinds allow the horse to see straight ahead and to the side. Bits are not included.

  • Backstrap synthetic (det. cr.)

    € 45,00 excl. (€ 54,45 incl.)

    This synthetic backstrap is easy to clean and adapts with a great fit. Includes a detachable crupper dock.

  • Blind synthetic bridle

    € 146,00 excl. (€ 176,66 incl.)

    The Blind Bridle provides the horse with a limited view and restricts the horse's line of vision to straight ahead and downward.

  • Cheeks & blinds synthetic

    € 51,00 excl. (€ 61,71 incl.)