Horse care - Blisters

  • Ball solution

    € 25,00 excl. (€ 30,25 incl.)

    Ball Solution is a product known in the equestrian sport for over 60 years. The product is used for the relief of muscle pain, cracked heels, bowed tendons and swollen knees due to overexertion. Mac Tarnahan's Ball Solution is a "classic" in the trotting world

  • Hot lotion

    € 11,00 excl. (€ 13,31 incl.)

    Blue Hot Lotion is a unique lotion to enhance the warming of the muscles and tendons. The Hot Lotion is for external use. Usage: Shake the bottle well before using it. Massage the desired places in order to obtain a warming effect.

  • Reducine

    € 32,00 excl. (€ 38,72 incl.)

    Reducine relieves stiffness or pain caused by daily exercise and training. The product contains among others iodine which helps prevent inflammation, stimulates circulation and speeds up the healing process after an injury. Reducine reduces swelling and pain during recovery.

  • Baume caustique

    € 55,00 excl. (€ 66,55 incl.)

  • Arnika 1 l

    € 11,00 excl. (€ 13,31 incl.)

    Arnika is a liquid solution to cool and support sensitive and stiff muscles. Use Arnika after physical exercise. Instructions: Greasing the muscles and tendons after exercise and before daily care. Optionally with bandages.

  • Harlton's blister

    € 37,00 excl. (€ 44,77 incl.)

  • Cedar oil

    € 30,00 excl. (€ 36,30 incl.)

  • Exceller8

    € 129,00 excl. (€ 156,09 incl.)

    Exceller8 cream is unique in it's kind. Endorsed and used by the famous trainer Jimmy Takter with spectaciular results. Exceller8 is applied with disposable gloves (art 3709). One tube of Exceller8 is good for about 10 applications. A period of 96 hours before the race is advised in the Swedisch trotting association.