• Glycerine spray soap 500 ml

    € 10,00 excl. (€ 12,10 incl.)

    The glycerine spray cleanses and softens the leather. The spray removes embedded dirt and ensures a lasting shine.

  • Overcheck bit

    € 12,00 excl. (€ 14,52 incl.)

    this overcheck has an extra spoon.

  • Cover for shafts

    € 169,00 excl. (€ 204,49 incl.)

    this shafts covers will protect the most critical parts of your sulky during shipping.

  • Safety jacket ft

    € 110,00 excl. (€ 133,10 incl.)

    this vest is certified 1621-2 and can be used in all european races.

  • Wheel for sulky dsm

    € 125,00 excl. (€ 151,25 incl.)

    race bike wheel with PVC covers. 28 x 35

  • Farrier kit dsm

    € 75,00 excl. (€ 90,75 incl.)

    this farrier tool kit is complete with professional hoof material . All the material is present to pull of or put on horse shoes Everything nicely packed in a leather tool bag. Very handy to take at race days .

  • Tire for jog cart wheel ft

    € 20,00 excl. (€ 24,20 incl.)

    soft and strong tire 19 x 2.25 for jog cart

  • Wheel for cart fmt

    € 185,00 excl. (€ 223,85 incl.)

    the FMT jog cart wheel is a very strong carbon wheel that has special "low friction" bearings. The wheel has also special tires that reduce,again,the friction and adapts easily on all kinds of surfaces ; adapts on all jog carts and is ideal for warming up ( no wheeldisks needed) or training atthe coast.

  • Hind boots rubber funnel

    € 9,00 excl. (€ 10,89 incl.)

    the DSM hind bell boots are used to protect the part between the fetlock and hoof. The weight per DSM bell boot is 90 grams.